Mobile risk assessments

With the Quentic App

Without the right tool, risk assessments take time and result in a lot of bureaucratic holdups and paperwork. Especially high risk work often necessitates a certain flexibility for making last minute updates. Use the Quentic App to create risk assessments while on site. Assessments can be conducted for different work phases just as easily as dynamic risk assessments or interim on-site project assessments. Save time and always keep your hazard database up to date!

With Quentic, assessing risks on-site has never been easier.

Assess the perceived hazard

  • Use best practice forms for risk assessments or create custom use cases
  • Define the scope and select the options that fit it best, accounting for frequency, extent, and likelihood
  • Conduct assessments offline and upload them later
  • Take and upload pictures for visual documentation
  • Use geotagging to automatically provide detailed location information
  • If fitting, derive an immediate action or protective measure
  • Select the responsible person and notify them via email
  • Set a deadline for the implementation and monitor its progress

Initiate actions immediately

Keep a central overview

  • Peers are notified about new responses and can interact socially via the SafetyFeed
  • All photos and reports appear in the central dashboard in real time and are connected to a map of your sites
  • Re-evaluate hazards after protective measures have been implemented
  • Easily submit other incidents, hazards, and risks via the Quentic App and update your existing risk database

Maintain your hazard database

Continue in the Quentic Platform

For even more in-depth processing functions, switch to the Quentic Platform and prepare detailed risk assessments there. Upon completion, a pre-defined workflow complete with escalations and alerts can be initiated and corrective and preventive actions can be derived and monitored.

Want to extend your risk assessing capabilities?

Achieve synergy with the Quentic Health & Safety module.

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