Escalation management

With the Quentic Core

With Quentic, reminders and escalation have never been easier.

Set up emails

  • Create rules for when, where, and how email notifications should be sent
  • Automate reminder and escalation emails completely
  • Choose to restrict access to internal employees only
  • Choose different notification settings for different Quentic modules
  • Set unique reminders for different types of deadline e.g. audits
  • Keep track of existing notification settings easily

Set the scope

Manage your schedule

  • Create flow charts for escalation and reminders using email templates
  • Send reminder emails days, weeks, or months before a deadline
  • Send urgent reminders on the day or time of the deadline
  • Send retrospective reminders about missed deadlines
  • Save recipient addresses for each type of email
  • Set your email rules and let Quentic handle the rest
  • Get your point across with clean, uncluttered email templates
  • Save recipients time by including links to relevant Quentic data sets in emails

Automate your workflow

Send your own emails

Automated reminders and escalation management can save huge amounts of time, but sometimes you just need to send a separate email concerning a specific task. With Quentic, just click and your email will automatically be filled out with all of the necessary information.

An overview of the most important functions

Features of the Quentic Core

Map your corporate structures

In Quentic's Quentic Core you can view your business’s most important structures and link this to other modules. This means getting uniform, redundancy-free data and a clear look at your company from every possible perspective. At the same time, you'll have access to an overview of your locations, equipment, and organizational structures.

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Document management

The more EHSQ documents your company creates and keeps up-to-date—and the more your employees get involved in the process—the more important it becomes to have a clear and efficient document management system. Quentic is the right software for the job, with optimized tools for managing and storing important documents.

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Action management

Quentic provides you with the flexibility to organize corrective and preventive measures of all kinds. Advance your company's continuous improvement with thorough planning, practical tools, and comprehensive documents for action management.

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From root-cause analysis to process improvement

When processes fail or quality standards slip, you have to react fast—but treating the symptoms often isn't enough. To truly solve a problem, you have to go below the surface to identify the underlying cause. Quentic helps you run root-cause analysis, develop long-term solutions, and avoid making the same mistakes twice.

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User administration and system settings

The Quentic Core includes powerful administration features that enable you to manage user accesses, configure your system, and create templates for later use. A clean and intuitive layout makes it easy to navigate and configure the system, even without being an IT specialist. This allows you to coordinate access for individual stakeholders based on their tasks in EHSQ and ESG.

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