Safety Management Trend Report 2021

Digitalization, Leadership and COVID-19: Learn all about the key success factors for occupational safety in 2021!


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Occupational Safety

Communicating the value of health and safety

Occupational safety is a return on ones investment. How can the benefits be proven?  From return on prevention (RoP) to the minor factors : Here you will find arguments for convincing management.

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ISO 37301 set to replace ISO 19600 for compliance management systems

From 19600 to 37301: Discover the differences and learn how the new standard can help you incorporate national and international laws and regulations – and minimize your liability risk.

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Digitalization, Occupational Safety

Occupational safety specialists in 2021

How do occupational safety specialists currently view their field of work? Our infographic details the sector’s current challenges, opportunities and goals.

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Occupational Safety

Incident management: Data, facts and figures, from A to Z

From LWDR to LTIFR and health rates, every KPI has its strengths and drawbacks. We’ve put together an alphabetical list of KPIs complete with formulas, examples, benefits and downsides.

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Occupational Safety

Harvard Professor Amy Edmondson on psychological safety

Occupational safety and safety culture: In an interview for the Safety Management Trend Report 2021, Harvard Professor Amy Edmondson speaks about the importance of psychological safety.

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The EU Whistleblowing Directive

How does the EU Whistleblowing Directive effect your company? What aspects need to be considered? We have outlined the key facts on whistleblowing systems for the new European legislation.

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