AMCS Group acquires FigBytes

November 02, 2023

Quentic customers with a strong focus on EHSQ can further advance their sustainability agenda with the new FigBytes ESG offering.

AMCS, a global leader in integrated cloud-based software and vehicle technology for the environmental, utilities, waste, recycling and resources industries, announced on 10/31/2023 the acquisition of FigBytes, the developer of the leading sustainability platform for impact-driven organizations.

This is AMCS' second strategic move in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) space, following the acquisition of Quentic in June 2022. These recent acquisitions underscore the company's commitment to investing in the environmental services industry globally. FigBytes' strong market presence in North America complements the presence AMCS has established in Europe. This acquisition enables AMCS to better serve customers around the world with cloud-based SaaS solutions that help them achieve their sustainability goals and meet increasingly complex regulatory reporting requirements.

"Our mission is to create an environmentally sustainable future for our customers and their families, and we are pleased to have FigBytes join us in this effort," said Jimmy Martin, CEO of AMCS. "This acquisition underscores our goal to provide integrated, secure, and future-proof environmental software solutions that help customers around the world accelerate their growth and sustainability."

The FigBytes platform will further strengthen AMCS' current ESG reporting and data management offerings and complement the company's existing capabilities. AMCS now has ESG expertise in Europe and North America and can offer its clients global sustainability and compliance solutions that encompass all regulatory aspects of the different regions. For example, the new mandatory EU CSRD regulation will affect most companies at different points in the future. These companies will need to manage their ESG data and ensure auditable reporting through the ESRS reporting framework. For effective data management and accurate reporting, as well as to meet the requirements related to this and other regulations, FigBytes provides value to AMCS customers.

"For nearly a decade, we have provided sustainability leaders around the world with robust tools, resources and expertise to put their ESG and sustainability programs into action," said Ted Dhillon, CEO and co-founder of FigBytes. "Combining FigBytes' award-winning sustainability platform with the AMCS suite of environmental software solutions provides companies with a unique, compelling offering and one of the clearest digital pathways to a more sustainable future, while enabling them to comply with ESG regulations around the world. I am very confident that our collaboration with AMCS will open up tremendous opportunities for organizations to create even greater positive change for people and the planet."

About FigBytes

FigBytes' software platform helps clients track and report on their ESG goals in areas such as carbon accounting, climate action, water impact and supply chain activities. The FigBytes system automates reporting and provides complete visibility into ESG activities on a single platform. To learn more, visit

About AMCS

AMCS is a market-leading provider of integrated software and vehicle technology for the environmental, waste, recycling and resource industries, offering optimization solutions for the broader transportation and logistics markets. AMCS helps more than 4,000 customers worldwide reduce operating costs, increase asset utilization, optimize margins and improve customer service. The company's enterprise software and SaaS solutions deliver digital innovation for the emerging circular economy around the world. Learn more at