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Expand your knowledge with Quentic’s resources: Expert know-how and Best Practices across occupational safety, environmental management and sustainability. Discover relevant trends, new strategies and inspiration for stronger EHS management!

I didn't see much value in health and safety

Not long ago, Karri Takki had no clue about safety, didn’t value it much and considered it a troublesome compliance matter. Read how that all changed when he fell in love with modern safety management!

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Communication ensures safety - Davide Scotti

Davide Scotti is an expert in cultural change in the health and safety field. He talks to Quentic about safety leadership and unconventional communication. Read his advice for the year 2021!

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Safety Management Trend Report 2021

What are the key factors for success in the occupational safety of the future? Our international experts answer this and other important questions in our Europe-wide survey.

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Safety-II and the misleading debate about right and wrong

Is Safety-II revolutionizing occupational safety? Or is this approach just old wine in new bottles? Timo Kronlöf weighs in on the heated debate among thought leaders and what you can take away from it.

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6 tips for improving safety incident management

Do you want to optimize your incident management? Karri Takki from Quentic shares his best 6 tips for successful incident management – based on real experience and talks with industry experts.

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New perspectives for modern safety management

What potential could Behavior-Based Safety, Psychological Safety, Safety-II and Safety Differently hold? Build your strategy with modern perspectives on occupational safety.

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