From root-cause analysis to process improvement

With the Quentic Core

When processes fail or quality standards slip, you have to react fast—but treating the symptoms often isn't enough. To truly solve a problem, you have to go below the surface to identify the underlying cause. Quentic helps you run root-cause analysis, develop long-term solutions, and avoid making the same mistakes twice.

With Quentic, root-cause analysis has never been easier.

Identify the problem

  • Analyze root causes with systematic methodology and comprehensive documentation
  • Name and define the underlying problem clearly
  • Choose the relevant team members from a predefined list and involve them in the analysis
  • Identify a discernible trigger of the undesired problem
  • Break your assessment down into individual categories of causes
  • Differentiate between human, technical, system, and process errors

Find the cause

Uncover deeper issues

  • Examine your findings carefully and look for causes behind the causes
  • Run analyses in accordance with the 5 whys method
  • Identify the ultimate root cause of the underlying problem
  • Tackle the issue directly with corrective measures and avoid repeated mistakes with preventive ones
  • Choose the relevant actions and set deadlines
  • Assign tasks to the responsible person directly
  • Check the effectiveness of your actions and feedback by email
  • Log your results and export as a report

Fix the problem

Put your corrective measures to the test

You've finished the root-cause analysis and put the necessary actions in place—but this isn't the end. What's equally important is checking the effectiveness of these measures regularly to see if the problem has been solved. These regular checks can be conducted from the central Quentic admin management.

Action management under one roof

Quentic lets you manage all your company's health and safety procedures from a central location.

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Quentic Core

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Ensure your quality management system complies with the standard and navigate certification, surveillance and recertification audits successfully.

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