• Instant reporting via app

    Easy, fast and secure

Your whole team on board

Let your colleagues report incidents and accidents on the go with their smartphones. It’s fast and simple. Everyone can contribute to reducing hazards and improving work safety.

Central evaluation

All incidents reported via the app are saved centrally in your Quentic system. The responsible people can then carry out further processing and evaluation.

Overview of the app features

  • Conveniently report near-miss situations, property or environmental damage, and personal injury
  • App can be used in many other scenarios, including audit checklists and inspection records
  • Camera function: Take photos on site and send them immediately
  • Transmit data to your company’s Quentic system
  • Use the offline function even when you don’t have a network connection
  • Send automatic email notifications
  • Multilingual interface

Getting started with the app – Requirements

  • Minimum smartphone requirement: iOS 9.0 or Android 4.1
  • You can also run the web app in Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11

“With our mobile app you can engage your employees comfortably and on the fly while raising the awareness for safety issues. Instant reporting including file, photo and offline functions as well as individual forms provide you with more flexibility.”

Lars Schmitt,
Senior Sales Manager & App Specialist

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