Flexible reporting

Record EHS information onsite with your mobile phone - even offline.

Forms for every use case

Use ready-made forms or create your own use cases with easy drag & drop.

Engage people in safety

Involve employees, suppliers, and service providers with ease.

Get a clear overview

Evaluate and process data in a central dashboard.

Quentic App

During an audit or inspection, you often need to record information onsite, but lack access to a computer. Writing things down on paper as an interim solution adds extra effort and risks the loss of important details in the shuffle. An obstacle to the good company practice of on-the-spot reporting.

The Quentic App is your mobile reporting channel for all things environment, health, and safety (EHS). It is there when you need it – anytime and anywhere. Quickly and easily fill out information and checklists while in the field, then dispatch them directly to the relevant authorities.

Ready-made and customizable forms, integrated camera use and offline features cover every use case from incident reports to risk assessments, audit results and more. The electronic signature function lets you sign off on urgent things even while on the go.  


Engage all stakeholders in a single transparent process! Employees, third parties and other service providers can participate and share information with ease – even without having to log in.


All reported data appears in the central dashboard and can be analyzed in real time. Reports can then be generated automatically. 

For more advanced data processing capabilities and seamless transitions of advanced EHS processes, combine app use with the Quentic Platform, Quentic content partners, pre-existing IT systems, and/or BI solutions.

Video: Engaging people in safety

Learn why mobile is crucial for getting people involved in safety topics.

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