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Suitable for your management systems according to ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001.

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Protect yourself. Make it easier than ever to comply with laws and norms.

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Access your documents at any time, across departments and regardless of location.

Increase efficiency

Create clear responsibilities and smooth workflows – Save time and money.

In all industries, occupational safety and environmental protection has grown into a complex world of regulations and obligations. They are significant for the whole company, and without using software they can hardly be professionally handled. No matter which sector of industry your organization belongs to – Quentic is always the right choice.

Ease the burden for yourself and your colleagues and save time and money, too. Thanks to the state-of-the-art software technology, the online solution Quentic easily gets you where you need to be, all the while across locations, modular and legally compliant.

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EHS for everyone. Digital and a perfect fit.

Discover how Quentic makes your EHS and CSR management easier and brings everyone involved together. The web-based software supports you competently in all tasks in the areas of occupational safety, environmental protection and sustainability.

Digital documentation, organization, evaluation — with Quentic you save time and structure your processes in a structured and comprehensible manner.

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