Document management

With the Quentic Core

The more health and safety documents your company creates and keeps up-to-date—and the more people you involve in the process—the more important it becomes to have a clear and efficient document management system. Quentic is the right software for the job, with optimized tools for managing and storing important documents.

With Quentic, document management has never been easier.

Store documents centrally

  • Keep track of documents within a user-friendly folder structure
  • Work uninterrupted, supporting all popular file types
  • Upload and download documents individually or in larger numbers
  • Find what you need quickly with powerful filter functions
  • Set access levels down to individual documents
  • Link documents with the relevant records in Quentic
  • Give several users access to the same document at one time, even from different locations
  • Enable users to retrieve documents in a mouse click
  • This makes subsequent updates easy and ensures access to the most up-to-date iteration

Make documents accessible

Revise documents

  • Assign document management to the responsible person
  • Specify when and how often documents need to be updated with automatic reminders
  • Keep track of changed and updated documents with version management
  • Promote transparency by publishing status updates as documents are edited
  • Manage the release of your documents and automatically log each step in the process
  • Individual workflows with unique phases for editing, checking, and sharing documents
  • Ensure that only the latest approved version of your document is available for public use

Share updated documents

To the archives!

Even if documents are no longer needed, they must be stored for a certain amount of time. Quentic helps with this. Archive important documents to ensure that they are not deleted prematurely. At the same time, you'll get a clearer overview, as archived documents will only be available for certain users.

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