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Siemens Schweiz AG

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The Siemens Schweiz AG places a special focus on excellent quality management and verifies this with regular audits and inspections. Since 2012, Quentic’s online solutions have supported the company in planning, conducting, and deriving internal and external audits. Quentic Risks & Audits simplifies audit management and consolidates all relevant information in one place for all stakeholders.

About Siemens Schweiz AG

Siemens Schweiz AG encompasses the Siemens regional subsidiary in Switzerland, the HQ of Smart Infrastructure (formerly Building Technologies), the associated factory in Zug, and all other incorporated companies, such as Siemens Mobility and Siemens Healthcare AG. Siemens Schweiz AG is one of the largest industrial employers in the country. With the construction of the Wynau power station in the canton of Berne in 1894, the company was also active in Switzerland for the first time. In the 125 years following, Siemens has continually expanded its field of activity. Today, the petrol-green lettering can be seen throughout the whole country. Siemens employs over 5,700 colleagues, including 285 trainees, at its locations in German-speaking Switzerland, Romandy and Tessin.

Quality assurance from start to finish

Quality has many facets and there are just as many ways to achieve it. For Siemens Schweiz AG, a strong customer and business focus is just as important for quality  management as real-time data and transparency, early data verification, or testing. Prevention, risk management, and systematic improvement are key priorities for the company. The increasing complexity of data and processes at different locations means that meeting the quality standards ensured by Siemens Schweiz AG is becoming an ever larger task. Efficient audit and quality management is therefore essential.

Central data hub

Siemens Schweiz AG has been using Quentic for its audit and quality management since 2012. The online solution standardizes all data, simplifies processes, and delivers precise and reliable results and recommendations for action. This makes it easy to keep track of planned, executed, or postponed audits and measures. In Quentic, all data is available in a structured, consistent, and real-time manner. The questionnaires for internal audits are also standardized. “One advantage of Quentic is that we can adapt the audits flexibly to our needs,” says Quality Manager Patrick Lüscher.

“A great knock-on effect has been that, since we introduced Quentic, there has been information exchange between countries, divisions, and departments in a way that did not take place before. Cooperation and knowledge have increased significantly.“

Patrick Lüscher, Quality Manager and Member of the Board of SAQ Central Switzerland, Siemens Schweiz AG

Audits in no time

Quentic Risks & Audits guides the company in all internal and external audit phases—from planning and implementation to identification of recommendations for improvement and elimination of possible non-conformities. All parties concerned are involved in an uncomplicated manner. Appointments can be set up easily. With just a few clicks, the desired questionnaire can be selected and, if required, supplemented with further questions. Connected documents can be conveniently attached. The registration of the audit participants and the sending of email notifications are also conducted using the online solution.

Directly determine necessary actions

During audits, the response can be entered and evaluated in Quentic from anywhere, using a mobile device. Documented results can then be transferred to the system and are copied to the audit report and evaluated. If lead auditors identify a need for action during this evaluation, they trigger recommendations or minor and major deviations directly in Quentic and pass them on to the responsible colleagues. If a measure is overdue, a reminder is immediately sent to all stakeholders. Depending on user permissions, the current progress can be viewed in the system.

Personal support at eye level

During the seamless introduction process of Quentic, the designation of responsible key users as well as country and regional managers was particularly important. Quentic’s consulting team not only supported the implementation, but also provided training and workshops for the users to demonstrate the system’s benefits directly. Regular feedback and best practice rounds as well as auditor qualifications help all employees easily and productively collaborate in Quentic.

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