Steer the company toward the future

With the Quentic Sustainability software module

Straightforward approach

Handling sustainability data is easy with the clearly structured interface.

Standardized sizes

Define your own indicators and use standardized catalogs, such as GRI, when doing so.

This is teamwork

Your reporting process will run smoothly – even if a large number of people are involved.

Improved data quality

Reported indicators are centrally collected, systematically structured and validated.

Quentic Sustainability

With the Quentic Sustainability module, you can evaluate the social, ecological and economic aspects of your company. Create the basis for your stakeholder communication – and the decisions that will steer your company toward the future.

Efficiently organize reporting and connect participants through a shared system that strengthens the exchange of information and collaboration. Combine the indicator values from different departments without any extra effort. With the Quentic Sustainability module you get what counts – reliable evaluations based on complete and consistent data.

An overview of the most important functions

Features of the Quentic Sustainability module

Sustainability indicators

Strategic sustainability management requires a careful understanding of both internal and external factors. You need to find metrics by which your company's sustainability and ESG performance can be measured. This is where Quentic comes in, helping you identify these indicators and integrate them into your sustainability processes.

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Sustainability reporting

To report properly on your company's ESG and sustainability performance, you need to collect data from many different sources. Quentic makes this process effortless, enabling you to collect data from every areas, then standardize it and store it in a central database.

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Standardized sustainability data

The quality and plausibility of your data plays an important role in your company’s ESG and sustainability efforts. That’s why Quentic helps you keep data standardized and consistent as it's collected, tested, validated, and approved.

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Prepare sustainability reports

Analyzing a variety of environmental, economic, and social factors helps you provide stakeholders with a thorough sustainability report. This type of report is of increasing importance to companies since the advent of ESG criteria and ratings. Quentic is here to help. Use our powerful evaluation tools to present your sustainability data clearly and convincingly.

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GRI Standards in Quentic

Combine global best practice standards for ESG and sustainability with Quentic's sophisticated reporting process. Quentic is a certified GRI Software and Tools Partner, and is qualified to deliver a tailored, ready-to-use selection of GRI indicators direct to your Quentic system.

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“We have created a solid foundation for our reporting of all ecological aspects of sustainability by implementing a centralized system. The effort required to record, verify and evaluate data has been reduced significantly since we can automatize many work steps with Quentic.”

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Discover how the Quentic solution makes your EHSQ and ESG management easier and brings everyone involved together. The cloud-based software supports you competently in all tasks in the areas of occupational safety, environmental management, quality and sustainability.

Digital documentation, organization, evaluation — with the Quentic solution you save time and structure your processes in a transparent and comprehensible manner.

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