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Digitalization, Occupational Safety

The future of occupational health and safety

Davide Scotti discusses health and safety in an increasingly digital world. What do we need to look out for? What are the questions we should we be asking ourselves and how can we ensure we focus on the human element?

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Digitalization, Occupational Safety

Communication ensures safety - Davide Scotti

Davide Scotti is an expert in cultural change in the health and safety field. He talks to Quentic about safety leadership and unconventional communication. Read his advice for the year 2021!

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Occupational Safety, Digitalization

Safety Management Trend Report 2021

What are the key factors for success in the occupational safety of the future? Our international experts answer this and other important questions in our Europe-wide survey.

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Digitalization, Occupational Safety

Fresh perspectives on modern safety management

What potential could Behavior-Based Safety, Psychological Safety, Safety-II and Safety Differently hold? Build your strategy with modern perspectives on occupational safety.

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Occupational Safety, Compliance, Digitalization

Miba AG

Quentic allows each of Mibas’s employees to contribute to reaching its key health and safety targets. Increasing incident reports, reducing the accident rate and standardized EHS processes. Read more!

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Occupational Safety, Digitalization, Crisis management

Mental health and the coronavirus crisis

What psychological factors cause stress for employees in times of crisis? Discover how you can recognize, prevent and confront them. Learn how to use targeted and transparent communication to get ahead of employees’ …

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