Optimize your ESG performance

Create, report and analyze sustainability – throughout your entire company

Comprehensive insights

Evaluate and support ESG-related indicators, activities and development.

Seamless reporting

Get standardized, comparable and highly informative ESG indicator data.

Success at all levels

Create an efficient system that brings together all departments and locations.

Reaching full potential

Improve your ESG performance with clear insights and well-coordinated actions.

ESG requirements: A benchmark for sustainability

Managing growth and economic activity in a sustainable manner has become a fixed principle for many companies these days – which is in the best interest of both companies and our desire to create a livable future. For a while now, financial questions and investment enquiries have centered around aspects of this sort. The three pillars of Environment, Social and Governance (abbreviated ESG) are increasingly setting the tone. Companies find themselves confronted with greater expectations, namely to systematically organize their own sustainability performance, measure it regularly, continue to further improve it and demonstrate this to the outside world. 

A central ESG solution

Quentic is a cloud-based EHSQ and ESG software that helps you to realize and evaluate your corporate responsibility. Take ESG criteria into account within the desired framework, use the insight gained to derive goal-oriented decisions and set planned and consistent actions into motion. Demonstrate a long-term perspective for your company growth and lend visibility to your sustainability activities.

Which programs and goals have you set yourself as regards climate protections? What does benchmarking for resource usage in various manufacturing areas reveal? What do your environmental indicators for water, energy, CO2 emissions show and where is there a potential for reduction? Quentic can offer you a fast and reliable answer to these questions and more.  

Use Quentic to map out processes surrounding involved third parties and inspect the procedures of different service providers, e.g. with supplier audits. Ensure that your workforce experiences working conditions that are more than just adequate with occupational health and safety measures, a lively feedback culture for EHSQ and sustainability matters and regular online training that draws awareness to responsible courses of action.

Your goal: compliance. Work ethical principles into the fabric of your company with dedicated management programs or create new and necessary requirements with a well-considered management of change procedure. Use Quentic to keep an eye on all important stipulations from occupational safety and environmental law and to carefully implement the resulting obligations to act. Professionalize your risk management and take a Best Practice approach to aspect and risk assessments – so you can recognize and remove potential stumbling blocks well in advance.

With Quentic you can bring different stakeholders and areas of activity together in one unified system. Instead of letting unconnected information silos flourish, you can forge strong links between different fields of work in EHSQ and ESG. This makes having a current total overview and detailed look at company processes possible at all times.

Holistic action, demonstrable results

Quentic supports you in managing your ESG activities, reporting relevant indicator values and evaluating sustainability performance. Benefit from smart proceedings, that cast all participants in the correct role – even when company structures are complex or you are working with others internationally and across borders.

  • Sustainability indicators can be defined flexibly, distributed purposefully and evaluated by department

  • Have all indicator values transmitted fully and uniformly with a well-founded, comprehensive ESG database

  • Use Analytics dashboards to get a concise and immediate view of current progress and previous results

  • Benefit from clear evaluations and statistics to include in your sustainability report

“With Quentic we have a centralized and solid tool, where all data is clearly and simply structured and all documents are systematically managed.”

GRI Standards in Quentic

Combine global best practice standards for ESG and sustainability with Quentic's sophisticated reporting process. Quentic is a certified GRI Software and Tools Partner, and is qualified to deliver a tailored, ready-to-use selection of GRI indicators direct to your Quentic system.

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