Our commitment
to people and the environment

A company and people that take responsibility

Responsibility is part of our corporate DNA. With our software solutions, we support companies around the world with occupational safety, environmental protection, and sustainability. We want to establish long-lasting values, offer excellent working conditions and handle resources and the environment with care. We act responsibly, reliably and in legal compliance. These values are reflected in our Code of Inspiration, our mission statement, and are the driving force behind what we do. At Quentic, our teams value doing good together. Corporate engagement is an essential part of how we understand ourselves as a company.

UN Global Compact

The United Nations have confirmed the inclusion of Quentic in the UN Global Compact, the world’s biggest and most important initiative for sustainable and responsible corporate governance.

The principles we follow

As an UN Global Compact participant, Quentic is committed to following the Ten Principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, as well as working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Social causes

Corporate engagement is an essential part of how we understand ourselves as a company.

Every voice counts

To thank participants in its annual survey, Quentic makes a yearly donation to a charitable organization that contributes to humanity, nature and the environment. The donation sum is increased for each completed form.

  • As a thank you for community involvement, Quentic donated to Cradle to Cradle. Cradle to Cradle's core idea is that industrially manufactured products should be developed in such a way that they can be completely reused or composted without producing pollutants after being used, thereby achieving a waste-free circular economy.

  • In 2021, Quentic expressed thanks for the engagement of its community with a donation to “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” (Germany Helps Campaign), a coalition made up of twenty charities that has been conducting various relief efforts in Germany since the catastrophic flooding this summer.

  • In 2020, Quentic donated trees to the city. 2019 was a year characterized by increasing social awareness of climate change and its effects, even in urban areas. The 2019/2020 customer survey provided the funding needed to plant numerous trees in Berlin’s Pankow, Alt-Hohenschönhausen and Charlottenburg neighborhoods. We want to thank our customers for this.

  • In 2019, donations went to Haus Natur und Umwelt (House for Nature and Environment), which is a youth educational facility in Berlin. Thanks to the efforts of Quentic and its customers, the facility was able to expand its environmental education program: Ten new microscopes were acquired for the “Plastic Fantastic” and “Life forms in and around lakes” workshops.

  • In 2018, Quentic supported the SozDia Foundation in Berlin and their projects in child and youth welfare. Quentic also started a donation campaign for the Elisabethstift orphanage: Employees in Berlin collected clothes, toys and other goods, which were then given to the organization in January 2019.

Environment & Sustainability

We want to establish long-lasting values, offer excellent working conditions and handle resources and the environment with care.

Mission Protect the Environment

Together with three Quentic users, we took part in the 2019 Ragnar Relay on the Wadden Sea. For every kilometer run, a donation was made to One Earth – One Ocean (OEOO), a nonprofit environmental organization. Our mission to protect the environment accomplished 258 kilometers in 24 hours for 1 clean purpose.

Green IT – couldn’t be more eco-friendly

We work with an ISO 27001-certified high security server center that utilizes cutting-edge Green IT methods to achieve 30% greater energy efficiency compared to conventional server centers: 

  • Energy-saving Green IT methods used
  • 100% green electricity throughout the entire server center
  • CO2-neutral operation is good for the environment
  • Takes full advantage of the latest IT resources
  • Modern emergency electricity supply systems reduce performance loss by 50 percent
  • CO2-neutral hosting benefits not only the environment, but also our customers’ climate footprint

Quentic’s commitment

We pursue the ambitious goal of doing business in an environmentally friendly and resource-conserving way.

  • We live out the paper-free office concept and save electricity whenever possible. We use only green electricity for our own power supply. 
  • We only travel by plane or car when necessary, and only use company or rental cars low in emissions.  
  • We keep an index of all cleaning substances as part of our hazardous chemical management and provide regular employee training on their use.  
  • We work towards sustainability and advise all our employees on how best to do so, from correct trash separation to using resources of all sorts sparingly to encouraging and even subsidizing use of public transport.


At Quentic, we have been living the principles of diversity since the company was founded in 2007. Diversity and mutual respect are reflected in our mission statement.

Unique instead of uniform

Quentic has signed the Charta der Vielfalt (German Diversity Charter) and thereby visibly demonstrated its commitment to a respectful working environment free from prejudice. Employees should be able to freely develop and express all aspects of their personality – regardless of gender, gender identity, nationality, ethnic background, religion or worldview, disability, age, sexual orientation or identity.