Quentic donates to Cradle to Cradle NGO thanks to customer survey

December 05, 2022

Every year, SaaS solution provider Quentic conducts a large user survey to better understand the needs of its users. The feedback collected is extensively analyzed and incorporated into further product and service development. As a thank-you for the community's commitment, Quentic donates to a charitable project that supports the topics of occupational safety, environmental protection or sustainability for every completed questionnaire.  

Thanks to the lively participation in the 2022 user survey, a total of €2,500 was collected this time. The donation this year goes to Cradle to Cradle NGO. Resource management for an effective circular economy has become a central task for companies in all industries worldwide. This is why the organization, founded in 2012, is committed to spreading the Cradle to Cradle approach of a consistent and genuine circular economy and to linking business, science, education, politics and society. The basic idea of Cradle to Cradle is that all products are developed in such a way that they are materially healthy and can be completely reused or composted without pollutants after use, thus creating an ideally waste-free circular economy. To this end, the organization holds events, workshops and informational talks and produces guides on various topics. The NGO now has about 40 employees, plus a good 800 volunteer supporters to help.   

"We believe it is essential to rethink the principle of waste, not only in private life but above all in business, and to strive globally for effective resource use. The basis for this change is education. That is why we support Cradle to Cradle NGO, an organization that shares exactly this goal and does valuable educational work every day," explains Markus Becker, CEO of Quentic. 

"We are very pleased that Quentic supports our work as an NGO. The donation will enable us to further expand our educational work for a circular economy according to Cradle to Cradle and to advance the transformation to a circular economy and society," says Tim Janßen, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Cradle to Cradle NGO.

Quentic would like to thank all participating customers. Together with you, we are able to support important sustainability initiatives every year.