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“Engineering for a better world” is the mission statement and claim of the tech company GEA, which has sustainability and responsible value creation as its core values. Accordingly, the group places key emphasis on health & safety, legal compliance and the environment in all its production locations. Since 2014, the group has been relying on Quentic to integrate its EHS processes across the globe into a single system.

About GEA

What do olive oil, beer, coffee, blood plasma and dairy products have in common? The manufacturers of all these products rely on technologies offered by GEA. With locations all over the world and 18,500 employees, the group is a key provider of machines and equipment, as well as of processing technology for producing foodstuffs and beverages, or for the pharmaceutical and chemicals industry. Customers from various industries trust in the industrial cooling and refrigeration technologies, and also the medical industry uses GEA technology for manufacturing and processing pharmaceutical products. In addition, GEA also offers a comprehensive services portfolio.

Local requirements for global tasks

Since 2014, GEA has been using Quentic with a primary focus on health & safety. During the same period, the company underwent an organizational restructuring, that also brought about the digitization of EHS processes in almost all production locations in Germany. Due to variations in the way production facilities are set up, the requirements related to health, safety and environment are locally managed. However, because Quentic handles all data and documents in a centralized and standardized manner, it ensures that synergies are used in the best possible way. The modular structure of the platform allows for catering to individual requirements. The Health & Safety application was thus rolled out successively across the country and the modules Hazardous Chemicals, Risks & Audits, Processes, Online Instructions, Legal Compliance and Environment were added individually. GEA uses Quentic in various modular combinations in almost all of its German plants.

Flexibility and a variety of modules: the perfect foundation for international application

Using the cloud-based software as a service system, the requirements of specific locations can be met individually, without burdening the internal IT infrastructure. This makes data management flexible and location-independent - the perfect foundation for a smooth roll-out, also internationally. When Quentic introduced the multi-language functions, GEA initiated the international application. Even if the English version of the software could be used to a large extent, it significantly broadens the possibilities of application and utilization if the software solution is available in local languages, especially when it comes to training or instructing employees at the production facilities. Furthermore, the development of international partner networks and interfaces with global legal databases furthered GEA’s plans of promoting digital EHS management beyond 
 Germany and Europe with Quentic.

Following the implementation strategy in Germany, the modules Health & Safety and Legal Compliance will be used as a basis for international implementation. This is because legal provisions and compliant action are the basis for all processes and are closely linked to occupational health & safety and environmental requirements. Other modules will be added depending on the location’s requirements. A pilot phase roll-out has been taking place at a plant in the Netherlands since 2019, two more implementations are in the pipeline. GEA is already using Quentic in India as well. Other locations in China and the USA are also preparing for implementation.

“With its modular flexibility, networked content and centralized database management, Quentic is an outstanding integrated solution for us.”

Christian Gehrke, Head of HSE Management, Business Area Equipment, GEA Group AG

Synergies for audits and certifications

GEA locations are ISO-certified as per client requirements and the high-quality databases at Quentic support the certification of the management systems. In addition, the organization carries out voluntary internal EHS audits on a regular basis. With Quentic, it was possible to considerably reduce the effort for these audits. Auditors and EHS experts benefit from the centralized data and records management, the high quality of documents such as risk assessments and operating advisories and instructions, as well as from the exchange of information between persons in charge at the individual locations. Not only the collection and evaluation of data but also continuous inspection and improvement of processes, as well as assessment of risks and opportunities with Quentic, are increasingly gaining importance at GEA.

Success story GEA Group

Since 2014, the GEA group has been relying on Quentic to integrate its EHS processes across the globe into a single system.

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