A better approach to managing safety data sheets (SDSs)

How a centralized view drives more occupational safety and regulatory compliance with less effort

Safety data sheets: essential documentation for hazardous chemicals

Safety data sheets (SDSs) play a crucial role in handling both hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals and biological agents. By providing an overview of key details such as physical and chemical properties, storage, disposal as well as regulatory aspects, SDSs help ensure workplace safety. However, managing safety data sheets is a demanding task. Challenges include decentralized information across corporate departments and sites as well as cumbersome update processes jeopardizing timely accessibility and accuracy. The ensuing risks for occupational safety and regulatory compliance make effective SDS management all the more vital. 

Maintaining occupational safety and regulatory compliance with ease

Keeping up with regulatory requirements means navigating an increasingly complex landscape: systems and regulations such as GHS, CLP, and REACH mandate strict standards for classifying hazardous chemicals and implementing appropriate risk management measures. Non-compliance can result in 7- to 8-digit penalties and imprisonment. SDSs are a centerpiece to achieving compliance and keeping everyone involved informed and safe. 

The Quentic Hazardous Chemicals software module lets you centralize and standardize your SDSs digitally at scale. This helps you simplify their maintenance and distribution drastically — across all departments and global sites, even on the go with the Quentic app. Benefit of advanced automation and data management support via additionals options such as SDS Extract or SDS Premium services.

Map hazards

Leverage indexes on all hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. Document all details centrally in a consistent structure for all departments and global sites.

Curate & update

Receive reminders on required updates for your safety data sheets (SDSs). Implement your own rules and criteria, and identify obsolete SDSs immediately.

Engage suppliers

Keep track of the hazardous chemicals received from your suppliers and query them individually for updates — right from within Quentic.

Lighten your load

Optional add-on capabilities via SDS Extract and SDS Premium: cut down the time to record SDS data by up to 90% and let us together with trusted partners handle your SDS research and update needs.

Efficient management of safety data sheets with Quentic

Implement a consistent SDS structure and data uniformity for your entire organization.

Create your hazardous chemicals register the smart way with Quentic.

Transform your safety data sheet management and drive consistency across all departments and sites globally..

Always find the right information at the right time and strengthen your occupational safety. 

Drastically reduce the complexity and time to distribute and update information on chemicals and agents.

Ensure consistent compliance with national and international regulatory standards.

“In the past, we didn’t capture nearly as much data about our management of hazardous substances because we just didn’t have the time. Today, everyone wants to store all the data they can in Quentic because of how convenient and efficient it is. Everything is centrally stored in a secure, yet easy-to-find way, like in a sophisticated online media library.”