Secure key insights for an excellent EHSQ culture

With the Quentic Incidents & Observations software module

Act, don’t react

Collect and evaluate EHSQ data proactively to prevent aberrations.

Motivated company

Reporting and analysis are just easier, increasing collaboration on all sides.

Best practice

Diverse use cases for topics like safety, environment, compliance and quality.

For platform and app

Fully integrated and operable on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Quentic Incidents & Observations

A high-performing EHSQ and safety culture doesn’t arise from merely reacting to accidents or damages and handling the root causes. Complex work processes really require you to find opportunities and risks in a diverse working environment, draw conclusions from routine processes and act proactively to prevent negative outcomes.

Quentic Incidents & Observations incorporates all this and more, setting you on the right path to a positive culture change. Establish more than just a functioning incident management: Handle both positive and negative EHSQ events in a targeted fashion. Encourage active reporting from the workforce, analyze all reports deeply and get a consistent, meaningful database that spans all areas of your company.

An overview of the most important functions

Features of the Quentic Incidents & Observations module

Simple reporting

Get more EHSQ information from your employees: Reports are convenient and direct, even on the go.

Flexible collaboration

Make it easier to point out issues with anonymous reports and include external people.

Your use cases

Be selective when classifying events, thanks to a comprehensive and highly adjustable set.

Quick review

When reviewing reports, you’ll have all the details and consequences at the ready.

Thorough investigation

Identify root causes. Evaluate equipment, activities and costs.

Risk evaluation

Make use of risk catalogs and analyze risks according to the individual factors you select.

Follow-up actions

Initiate preventative and corrective actions to permanently improve problem areas.

Real-time monitoring

Interactive Analytics dashboards show you up-to-date results, KPIs and trends.

“At a glance, you can see which manager is part of what process and which documents are involved. This feature is extremely useful in our daily work.”

Expert knowledge for your success

Here you'll find best practices, relevant trends and up-to-date tips.

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Miba AG

Quentic allows each of Mibas’s employees to contribute to reaching its key health and safety targets. Increasing incident reports, reducing the accident rate and standardized EHS processes. Read more!

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