Digitalization, Occupational Safety

How to choose the right EHS software

Whitepaper with tips and criteria for an organized selection of the best solution

Step by step guide to the right EHS software

Responsibilities in the fields of occupational safety, health and environmental management arise from a complex mix of rules, obligations and actions. EHS specialists need to gather, document, evaluate and pass on a variety of information every day. Seamless cooperation among different departments and with management is essential, as is the incorporation of the entire workforce. The right EHS software can support you here and drastically reduce your workload. But how should you go about searching for the correct solution?

In this whitepaper, you will get detailed information on approaches to your search as well as valuable tips for your decision-making process. What work processes should benefit from the new solution? Which employees need to be involved? And which selection criteria need to be considered when choosing a software solution? Tackling these questions one by one will help you find the right EHS software for your company. You’ll also get practical advice on how to get management, budgeting committees and other important stakeholders on board with the investment

A sneak peek at our whitepaper

All this and more awaits in the whitepaper:

  • Identify your needs

    This is how you develop a status quo for your company processes and establish your unique requirements for an EHS software.

  • Involve employees effectively

    Work processes are often intertwined with one another. Find out which key areas and interest groups need to be involved.

  • Overview selection criteria

    Get information and a compact checklist for the important criteria that you should consider when choosing a software.

  • Convince management

    Valuable tips and arguments for getting upper management and those responsible for budgeting on board.