EHSQ and ESG indicator reporting

Effortlessly generate reports for the management with Quentic

Keep an eye on indicators

Made possible by the indicator editor – select indicators and make individual additions.

Reports just a click away

Select time period – evaluations and charts are quickly generated.

Live teamwork

Automated email notifications allow the exchange of information and smooth workflows.

Manage documents

Manage revision control, archiving and approvals – organized and transparently.

Management can sometimes require resource consumption data for all locations at short notice. Additionally, informative figures that allow for a comparison of sustainability performance are needed more often these days.

With Quentic, you can react quickly and flexibly. Select the desired time period for which you want to compare resource consumption levels and get illustrative charts. You can also have all relevant sustainability indicator values displayed in one compact overview.

Conveniently combine the indicators by using the indicator editor. With the push of a button, you get the evaluation immediately and can instantly send it via email. Done!

Quentic doesn't just offer quick access to important indicators for environmental management. It's also very easy to view current statistics for damaging incidents or see an overview of unsafe situations, accidents and days lost. There are no limits to what you can do with Quentic either – we're also happy to set up a fully custom Analytics dashboard for your unique KPIs upon request.

“Quentic enables us, as a global enterprise, to standardize environmentally relevant processes and to create maximum transparency. This pays off for us both environmentally and economically.”

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