Mission statement

Our Code of Inspiration

What drives us—Our motivation

We’re proud to do work that makes a meaningful contribution to people, society, and the environment. Our innovative software helps companies across the globe improve their health & safety, environmental and quality management, and sustainability. We bring clarity to complex issues and guide our customers through increasingly stringent legal requirements. We approach our task with dedication while providing high-quality products, and excellent service, which generates enthusiasm for the entire field.

Where we’re heading—Our goals

We position ourselves as the European market leader, combining and standardizing all EHSQ and ESG processes in a single software solution. We’re ambitious, but we believe in responsible business growth. Our customers value us as a reliable solution provider that keeps its finger on the pulse and stay up to date with the latest developments. We are only satisfied when the customer is able to implement and optimize their EHSQ and ESG management in the best possible way. We turn our customers into fans.

How we operate—Our strategy

Moving the market forward

As a growing company, we have taken on a pioneering role in the market for EHSQ/ESG software within a very short period of time. Our ideas shape and influence the EHSQ software industry. We understand what the market needs and react accordingly. We’re continuously monitoring and evaluating legal changes and developments in the EHSQ market as well as in IT. Depending on their relevance we take them into account in our product development in short cycles of action.

Dialogue with our customers

Everything we do is geared toward a single purpose: the long-term success and satisfaction of our customers. We build relationships based on direct dialogue and the principle of equal partnership. Only through continuous interaction we are able to develop practice-oriented solutions and turn our customers into loyal fans.

We choose the best partners

Our core business is building and delivering EHSQ/ESG software. But we don’t stop there. To offer our customers broader and more specialized advice, we partner with expert consultants in many countries. By combining our knowledge with theirs, we’re able to cover every aspect of health & safety, environmental and quality management, and sustainability.

Building a happy team

Our corporate culture is full of enthusiasm. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, and we’re motivated to do even better. We constantly invest in developing our competent, committed and motivated people, giving them better skills and more job satisfaction, and promoting their health. We encourage open dialogue and constructive feedback. We give everyone enough space to work how they work best. We enjoy working together because we trust each other.

What matters to us—Our values

We’re authentic

We’ve grown together as a team. We know who we are. Our team is the driving force behind everything we do—our services coming from one single source. We keep our promises. Our credibility results both from our expertise and the experience of countless projects.

We communicate with commitment

We practice what we preach. We believe in clear, straightforward communication. We speak openly and honestly with our customers, prospects, partners, and colleagues and react in a binding manner.

We’re ethical

We value diversity and different perspectives. We never discriminate by ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation, and we have zero tolerance for those who do. We treat each other and others with respect at all times.

We’re collaborative

As our business grows, we’re focused on strengthening our internal communication. We strengthen our collaborative spirit through regular team events and suitable communication channels.

We’re compliant

We abide by the relevant laws. We never seek an unfair advantage. We act in good faith and good conscience at all times.

We take responsibility

For us, entrepreneurial success is inseparable from social responsibility and forms the basis for our role model function in the EHSQ sector. Our software runs from a sustainable, high-security data center powered by carbon-neutral electricity which achieves above-average energy efficiency. We support regional projects and initiatives that promote health & safety, environmental protection, sustainability, and digitization.

Diversity Charter

At Quentic, we live out a culture of togetherness in which everyone can bring all facets of their personality and lived experience to light – regardless of gender, gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, religion or worldview, disability, age, sexual orientation or other parts of their identity. As a signee of the Charta der Vielfalt, we affirm our commitment to a workplace free from prejudice. Appreciation and mutual respect are two of our most deeply embedded core values. Because we know a diverse workforce leads to only one result  – the best one!