Boost your synergy: Quentic Connect

Sync processes, data and systems

Benefit from interfaces

As a technical interface, Quentic Connect keeps all data throughout your system up to date. 

Optimized and categorized

Validators check your data during each import to guarantee perfect quality. 

Get partner content right away

Connection to content databases and external service providers creates useful synergy  

Quick view for upper management

Take your EHSQ and ESG indicators to the next level visually by connecting with popular BI tools. 

Quentic Connect is your solution when it comes to automated integration of data and processes. By syncing your pre-existing software solutions with Quentic, you can have all the most up-to-date information you need at your fingertips at any time. Incorporate both existing EHSQ and ESG data and general organizational data. 

It’s easier than ever to compare hazardous chemical data, make site details centrally available or sync user rights. Integrate common BI solutions to make your KPIs more visually appealing and generate compact, tangible statements for upper management. It’s never been so easy to bring EHSQ and ESG data into corporate alignment! 

Through its connection to content databases from external service providers, Quentic Connect provides you with further advantages: Increase your compliance with automated updates for legal norms and obligations, for example. 

Let us do the work: The Quentic IT Services team is happy to set up this powerful integration platform with regular dataflows per your wishes.

Network your systems

Numerous interfaces for various areas

How you benefit

Save time

Seamless connection with existing IT systems automates your data integration and maintenance.

Keep track

Integrated BI tools show your EHSQ and ESG data on visually appealing KPI dashboards.

Regulate processes

Safety incidents trigger specific processes that you preapprove.

Increase data quality

EHSQ and ESG information, organizational data and operational processes stay in sync across all platforms. 

Make access easier

Necessary information regarding occupational safety is available to the workforce centrally and according to task performed. 

Stay up to date

Automatic updates from external content databases keep information that are relevant for your company up to date at all times. 

Quentic Connect at work

“Currently, we synchronize more than a million data records for our customers every month. In addition, we ensure a smooth start for new customers by migrating their existing data.”

Quentic Marcel

Marcel Wendlandt
Head of Customer Integration Services

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