Quentic Analytics: EHS performance at a glance

Evaluate data. Make well-founded decisions.

Vivid presentation

Quentic Analytics Dashboards arrange relevant EHS indicators values in an ideal format.

Know more, do better

Get a clear picture of security and compliance at your company.

Current, comprehensive data

All evaluations are done using the most recent update of your Quentic EHS database.

Crosslink however you like

Choose your KPIs from a ready-made set or integrate your existing BI tools with Quentic.

Quentic Analytics takes visual data analysis to the next level. Leverage powerful KPIs and charts of all EHS indicators, with easy access for managers at all levels. Work with interactive dashboards for quick and concise overviews of current trends and developments. Streamline EHS management and make clear decisions with a sound basis of data.

Quentic Analytics does more with the EHS data that you record and manage on the Quentic Platform and in the Quentic App. Even when out and about, you still have direct access via your tablet or smartphone. The applications for this are endless, such as being able to pull up live EHS indicators to use as benchmarks when doing a safety walk, for example.

With Quentic Analytics, you can make your database in the Quentic Platform and Quentic App even more flexible and useful. Available indicator values for EHS processes, occupational safety, audits, legal compliance and more are automatically compiled, permanently synced and optimized for evaluation. In other words: securely stored, encrypted and scrubbed of any personal data. This ensures data is kept secure and safe at all times.

Your options for seamless integration

How you benefit

EHS insights

Get an overview of your company’s EHS performance, without needing to go through every individual process.

The right focus

It’s easy to get lost in the flood of information confronting us daily. Quentic Analytics lets you focus on the indicator values that matter most to you.

Reach your goals quicker

Quentic Analytics Dashboards provide users without a lot of time on their hands with quick and intuitive access to the most important results.

Consistent output

Defined standards create valid data, comparable reports and let you easily merge large amounts of data.

Always up-to-date

Quentic Analytics incorporates EHS data from your Quentic system on the spot, ensuring you always have the most accurate and current information in front of you.

Decision-making with confidence

Don’t keep the details vague when deriving actions. Make informed decisions thanks to actual developments and easy-to-recognize trends in your data.

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