Always stay up-to-date with Quentic – professionally and technically

Quentic is being continuously developed. Its content conforms to the latest EHS standards, and the technology keeps up with the most modern IT solutions.

Depending on the licensing type, we will carry out all of the maintenance and updating of the software. Therefore, you can be sure that you are working with the latest Quentic version at all times. In the newsletter we will regularly inform you about innovations. Before every release, we conduct numerous tests in accordance with the established standards. This means that we are able to ensure the highest possible quality.

“Quentic is 100% SaaS. New functions and security updates are fully automatic and applied in the background. This means no additional operational effort for us and lets us rest assured knowing that necessary updates are integrated into the system in the quickest possible way and that all features are always up to date.” 

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