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Looking for a centralized, time-saving software to oversee all aspects of your occupational health & safety and environmental activities, as well as everything to do with energy and sustainability? Quentic provides everything your company needs to master risk assessments, operating instructions, certifications and the like with ease.

Quentic is cloud-based software that makes it easy to keep on top of all EHS and CSR requirements. The system’s modular structure allows it to be tailored precisely to your company’s requirements. Benefit from added legal certainty and reduced risks and hazards – with lasting results. Breathe new life into your EHS management and bring numerous EHS and CSR stakeholders together in Quentic. Use targeted communication channels to generate greater awareness and engagement within occupational health & safety and environmental protection.

With Quentic, you’ll gain added legal certainty and transparency thanks to a structured inventory of legal requirements, automated update services and all functions you need to examine, allocate and implement requirements efficiently. This enables you to meet obligations and reduce liability risks.

Quentic is THE software solution for drawing helpful connections among your key topics. All data is standardized, updated and made available in a central location, allowing you to use and view it how and when you need.

With Quentic, you have more time for the things that matter. The system does the thinking for you, makes process steps more efficient, and improves collaboration. Quentic can also lighten your load by providing ready-made specialist content.

As a SaaS solution, Quentic is quick and easy to access, wherever you are. Data can be input in standardized form – anytime, anywhere. Quentic stores and analyzes data centrally, thereby gathering all information ​in a timely manner.

At its heart, Quentic is about digitalizing EHS and CSR. Our team of experts in the fields of IT, environmental management, sustainability and occupational health and safety guarantee a professional, carefully considered solution. Make your company agile and your work fit for the future – with Quentic, you’ll be driving forward progress.

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  • Vorwerk Elektrowerke GmbH & Co. KG

Regardless of whether you’re a medium-sized company or a large corporation, Quentic software solutions are always the right fit. Over 900 companies from a wide range of different industries have successfully been relying on our globally tested system for many years.

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Discover how Quentic makes your EHS and CSR management easier and brings everyone involved together. The web-based software supports you competently in all tasks in the areas of occupational safety, environmental protection and sustainability.

Digital documentation, organization, evaluation — with Quentic you save time and structure your processes in a structured and comprehensible manner.

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