Action management

With the Quentic Core

Quentic provides you with the flexibility to organize corrective and preventive measures of all kinds. Advance your company's continuous improvement with thorough planning, practical tools, and comprehensive documents for action management.

With Quentic, action management has never been easier.

Plan actions

  • Define each step and give clear instructions with the background information
  • Allocate responsibilities for each phase of an action
  • Set reminders and escalate issues with email notifications
  • Establish a clear action reference that includes ad-hoc tasks and audit deviation
  • Divide each action into clearly defined steps and set deadlines for each
  • Assign employees tasks, which will appear as to-do items in their personal overviews
  • Document progress with photos and status updates
  • See which measures have been implemented at a glance

Track progress

Measure results

  • Check the effectiveness of actions and record evidence
  • Compare progress with targets
  • Measure quantitative versus qualitative effects, as well as short-term versus long-term
  • Keep track of time and budget spent
  • Mark each phase of an action as complete
  • Create reports on actions at the click of a mouse, choosing which results to include
  • Multiple evaluations are available e.g. an overview of measures by field of application or a focused evaluation of all measures

Safeguard the outcome

Cross-departmental collaboration

Action management plays a key role in every aspect of health and safety. That's why it can be launched from various Quentic modules. When necessary—in case of an audit or risk assessment, for example—responsibility can be transferred to an appropriate person in the action management team.

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