User administration and system settings

With the Quentic Core

With Quentic, system administration has never been easier.

Manage your users

  • Create user accesses for colleagues
  • Set passwords, either manually or automatically
  • Specify security standards for passwords, such as a minimum length and expiry date
  • Adjust access levels for specific modules and functions
  • Set permissions for reading, writing, and deleting files
  • Grant access rights to external partners
  • On request, control access to individual data sets and documents

Control your access

Configure your system

  • Apply global and module-specific settings for all users
  • Customize variables such as email rules, data exports, and additional input fields
  • Let each user customize their interface e.g. by changing the language
  • Define master data which can be used consistently in various tasks across the company
  • Customize templates with your own corporate style and save them in the system
  • Give your users clear instructions for editing templates

Create templates

System access the way you need it

The Quentic system offers flexibility for customization—but it won't slow you down. After an initial consultation, we'll deliver the software in its desired state, so your team can get to work immediately. On request, we can integrate your existing authorization procedures into Quentic and set up automated login with single sign on (SSO) or active directory.

An overview of the most important functions

Features of the Quentic Core

Map your corporate structures

In Quentic's Quentic Core you can view your business’s most important structures and link this to other modules. This means getting uniform, redundancy-free data and a clear look at your company from every possible perspective. At the same time, you'll have access to an overview of your locations, equipment, and organizational structures.

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Document management

The more EHSQ documents your company creates and keeps up-to-date—and the more your employees get involved in the process—the more important it becomes to have a clear and efficient document management system. Quentic is the right software for the job, with optimized tools for managing and storing important documents.

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Action management

Quentic provides you with the flexibility to organize corrective and preventive measures of all kinds. Advance your company's continuous improvement with thorough planning, practical tools, and comprehensive documents for action management.

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Escalation management

Practical quick overviews are how Quentic helps you stay on top of tasks and deadlines, making sure nothing slips through the cracks. How? Reminder and escalation management is about team members being automatically notified when deadlines are approaching.

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From root-cause analysis to process improvement

When processes fail or quality standards slip, you have to react fast—but treating the symptoms often isn't enough. To truly solve a problem, you have to go below the surface to identify the underlying cause. Quentic helps you run root-cause analysis, develop long-term solutions, and avoid making the same mistakes twice.

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