Hazardous Chemicals

Streamline your control of substances hazardous to health

Compliance and continuous improvement of hazardous chemical management within occupational health and safety

The control of substances hazardous to health is inextricably linked to occupational health and safety management. Therefore, do not allow these topics to be managed separately. A management system in line with ISO 45001 provides the appropriate framework to act under REACH and CLP, as well as to manage hazardous chemicals in a comprehensive, systematic, consistent and transparent manner through coordinated processes, responsibilities and the associated documentation.

Our whitepaper serves as a comprehensive resource addressing crucial aspects of hazardous substance management:

  • Overview of European obligations: The whitepaper explains how legal compliance can be ensured and the necessity of safe handling of substances hazardous to health can be promoted beyond the operational area.
  • Step-by-step guide through ISO 45001: The whitepaper guides you step by step through the chapters of ISO 45001 and explains the respective starting points for efficient integrated hazardous substance management.
  • Checklist for status quo assessment: The whitepaper concludes by offering a practical checklist to assess the current status of your hazardous substance management, which you can use to monitor and optimize the implementation of your projects systematically.

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What you can expect

  • National and international hazardous chemicals legislation:

    Gain an overview of European hazardous chemicals legislation, i.e. the REACH and CLP regulations, as well as the important directive on health and safety at work (Directive 89/391 EEC).

  • ISO 45001 and the control of substances hazardous to health:

    The international standard for occupational health and safety management systems contains specific requirements for safe hazardous chemicals management in each of its chapters, from "Context of the organization" to "Improvement". Our whitepaper provides an in-depth insight into numerous sub-chapters and explains the integration of hazardous chemicals management in detail.

  • Strategic implementation checklist:

    Use the final checklist as a guide for questions such as "Is the control of substances hazardous to health part of the risk and opportunity analysis?" or "Is required hazardous chemicals training integrated into the training plan?". This list helps you to effectively record the current status of your hazardous chemicals management and plan progress through integration.