Regional engagement: Quentic employees helping to support children and teens

January 23, 2019

  • Quentic employee Max Mulack (right) delivered the donated items to Sabine Witt of the Elisabethstift (left).
  • Thank you: the children expressed their gratitude with a poster.

Doing good together: this is the motto that prompted Quentic to launch a donation campaign for the Elisabethstift at the end of 2018. Employees from two offices in Berlin, Germany, collected clothes, toys, and other aid supplies for the children and youth welfare institution. In January, they delivered the donations to the foundation.

Sabine Witt, a public relations worker at the Elisabethstift: “It’s great that so many Quentic employees took part in the campaign. Our foundations includes a children’s home, a school, two kindergartens, a family-run farm, and a family meeting place. The children will definitely be excited about these donations.”

As a software specialist in the fields of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), responsibility is ingrained deeply into the company values held at Quentic. This also means regional engagement of a strong and sustainable nature. “We are a family-friendly company. A lot of our employees have children themselves, who grow out of their clothes with time and don’t need certain toys anymore. We have now found a long-term use for these items—and at the same time supported an organization that is actively dedicated to helping shape our collective future”, said Markus Becker, CEO of Quentic.