Thanking our customers and community: Quentic donates city trees

June 16, 2020


Quentic has set a goal for itself to make a meaningful contribution to people, nature and the environment. This encompasses both the continual growth of its Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for EHS and CSR as well as its social action. The Berlin-based company conducts an annual user survey to better understand the needs of its customers and incorporate these into its practice-oriented offering. In accordance with its motto of “Doing Good Together”, Quentic is rewarding engagement with a donation to a regional project that is driving forward issues of occupational safety, environmental protection or sustainability: For every survey that is filled out, we raise the amount we are donating.

The donation raised by the 2019/2020 customer survey went to the Berlin City Tree Campaign (Stadtbaumkampagne Berlin). 2019 was a year of increased awareness for climate change and the consequences it is having for our planet. In the warmest calendar year ever measured, those of us in Europe experienced heat-related deaths, droughts, forest fires and crop failures. We fear the same in 2020. In major urban centers like Berlin, this places an additional strain on the trees in the city, which provide much-needed shade and oxygen, filter dust particles and improve the climate overall. This is why the Senate Department of the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection has started a city-wide campaign: With a donation of 500€, a new tree can be planted and cared for during ist first few years, with the government funding the rest. 

Through Quentic’s donation, numerous trees could be planted in the Berlin neighborhoods of Pankow, Alt-Hohenschönhausen and Charlottenburg. “We want to thank our customers for their support and are happy to have been able to work together with them to make a small contribution to the quality of life in our main location,” says Markus Becker, CEO of the software company.