Doing good together: Quentic supports “Haus Natur und Umwelt”

The satisfaction of its customers remains a focal point of Quentic’s operation. To continuously improve, the solution provider for Software as a Service (SaaS) in the European EHS and CSR market conducts a user survey every year. For each completed questionnaire, Quentic donates to a social institution that makes a meaningful contribution to people, nature, and the environment.

In 2019, the donation was given to “Haus Natur und Umwelt” (House of Nature and the Environment) in Berlin. Just like Quentic, the organization is committed to the responsible use of natural resources. The youth education center enables urban children to encounter nature. It promotes the experience of flora and fauna - and also supports the interaction between disabled and non-disabled people.

“Haus Natur und Umwelt” was very pleased about the donation. Thanks to the commitment of Quentic and its customers, the center was able to expand its environmental education program: Ten new microscopes are now available for the projects "Plastic Fantastic" and "Living creatures in and around the pond".

Watch the video to find out what “Haus Natur und Umwelt” and the funded projects are all about!

Melanie Knabe, Head of Innovation and Project Development at "Union Sozialer Einrichtungen", presents "Haus Natur und Umwelt"  and explains what the donation from Quentic was used for.