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Integrated Management Systems for the Manufacturing Industry

An Integrated Management System (IMS) facilitates the harmonisation of requirements from multiple systems, achieved through coordinated cross-cutting regulations within a comprehensive framework. 

Using an IMS enables a consistent approach to management that promotes efficiency and effectiveness across multiple domains. 

We know that EHS data analysis is challenging. Allow us to talk you through how consolidating all aspects of your EHS compliance in a single platform can help you to tackle EHS challenges effectively, maintain regulatory compliance, mitigate risk, and improve overall performance

Watch our free webinar to learn how an IMS can benefit the Manufacturing Industry. 

You can expect these key topics in the webinar:

  • Overcome EHS challenges: How to move away from siloed data, manual reporting and start analysing the information you’re gathering.

  • Improve compliance: How Quentic can bring a level of compliance accountability to all layers of your business operations.

  • Reduce risk: Combine proactive safety practices with reactive compliance to create a 360 approach to reducing risk.

  • Enhance performance: Learn how to dig into the insights from the data you’re gathering with our business intelligence or integrate with your pre-existing systems.