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Siemens Schweiz AG

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With the “Zero Harm Culture @ Siemens” initiative, Siemens Schweiz AG is focusing on prevention and awareness when dealing with dangerous situations in everyday work. Since 2012, Siemens Schweiz AG has been using Quentic as an online solution to support its legally-compliant EHS management. With the help of Quentic Health & Safety and Hazardous Chemicals, the company has been fostering more awareness for the safe handling of hazardous situations since 2014 and also monitors and controls occupational health and safety more efficiently.

About Siemens Schweiz AG

Siemens Schweiz AG encompasses the Siemens regional subsidiary in Switzerland, the HQ of Smart Infrastructure (formerly Building Technologies), the associated factory in the Swiss town of Zug, and all other incorporated companies, such as Siemens Mobility and Siemens Healthcare AG. Siemens Schweiz AG is one of the largest industrial employers in the country. The construction of the Wynau power station in the canton of Bern in 1894 was the company’s first venture into the Swiss market. In the 125 years since, Siemens has continually expanded its activities in Switzerland. Today, the petrol-green lettering can be seen throughout the country. Siemens currently employs over 5,700 workers, along with 285 trainees, at its locations in German-speaking Switzerland, Romandy and Ticino.

Strong awareness for safety

As an international corporation, it is essential for Siemens to guarantee the highest possible level of occupational health & safety and to be able to evaluate risks in a quick and reliable way. With the “Zero Harm Culture @ Siemens” program, which was introduced in 2012, the corporation is setting its sights on promoting lasting safety-aware mindsets and actions among its managers and staff. The initiative is formed around three key goals: zero accidents, no compromises in matters of health & safety, and mutual supervision.

Digital solutions for efficient processes

Siemens is driving the digital transformation forward across all units, with a focus on each individual work area. The company has implemented Quentic’s online solution, which merges all involved parties into one system, to meet the individual requirements and to facilitate their efforts in the fields of environmental protection, health management & safety. Quentic has allowed the company to introduce efficient and prevention-oriented occupational health & safety measures that contribute beneficially to the overall safety culture at Siemens. Quentic stores real-time EHS data in a uniform and structured way. This improves efficiency and transparency, as well as interdepartmental and international coordination.

“Siemens is subject to binding global standards in the fields of fire, explosion and radiation protection and in the transportation of hazardous chemicals. In matters of EHS Emergency Management, we pay particular attention to protecting individuals and the environment, as well as property and assets. Since the software was implemented, we have been able to evaluate risks, permissibility, and transports in a significantly easier way.“

Manousos Tazedakis, Global EHS Manager, Siemens Schweiz AG

Safety measures and documentation in real time

Quentic Health & Safety supports effective hazard documentation and risk evaluation. In order to prevent incidents and other health hazards, Health & Safety Officers can set out all required safety measures within the software itself. Quentic can be used to create new saftey instructions, update safety data sheets, and to store all pertinent information in a central location that is accessible to the staff on site. All of the documents are consistently structured and up to date. A qualification plan also provides clarity about which employees have which qualifications and what additional training measures may be required.

Keep track of hazardous chemicals and health & safety

For improved occupational health & safety and environmental protection, Siemens Schweiz AG has used in Quentic Hazardous Chemicals since 2014 to deftly deftly manage all hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods in use. This not only reduces the organisational effort required on the part of the company, it also ensures compliance with laws and standards and enhances safety measures.

Instant reporting via the app

Siemens has also found Quentic helpful in expanding its incident management operations. Near misses and any damage to property, the environment or individuals can now be reported quickly via laptop or app by any staff member and stored directly on the software. The parties responsible will then be able to process and evaluate the report centrally. This lets each employee play an active role in reducing risks and further enhancing occupational health & safety as per the “Zero Harm Culture @ Siemens” initiative.

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