Demonstrate management commitment in the field

With the Quentic App

On-site visits by plant managers or top management, e.g. in the form of a safety walk, are an effective tool for raising awareness and emphasizing the importance of safety on a company-wide level. They can be combined with toolbox talks to draw attention to noticeable trends. The Quentic App helps you prepare and document these visits and events in a structured and intuitive manner!

With Quentic, recording safety walks and toolbox talks have never been easier.

Show commitment with a safety walk

  • Take quick notes of observations and incidents
  • Document conversations between management and workers with ease
  • If fitting, take photos of people at work, the team or specific incidents to emphasize the importance of safety
  • Geolocation is enabled automatically
  • Conduct toolbox talks on a regular basis to discuss safety developments or programs
  • Prepare talking points and take notes during the discussion
  • Mark talking points as done once the related issues are resolved

Structure and record your toolbox talk

Make safety a topic of interest

  • All photos and reports are stored in a central and easily accessible manner to increase transparency
  • People can react in real time via the Quentic SafetyFeed
  • Central dashboard: Gain impactful insights into safety needs and improvement opportunities across sites and business functions
  • Display and monitor noticeable trends
  • Initiate corrective actions directly in Quentic
  • Generate reports, e.g. to compare the number of safety incidents before and after the safety walk and its related follow-up actions

Derive follow-up actions

Comb through your data to find topics for toolbox talks

Toolbox talks are most effective when based on data-driven insights into the company’s current EHS performance. Take a look at recent incident reports and at your risk database to identify recurring issues and new risks.

Want a structured system for assessing aspects and risks?

Achieve synergy with the Quentic Risks & Audits software module.

Video: Engaging people in safety

Learn why mobile is crucial for getting people involved in safety topics.

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