On-site inspections and audits

With the Quentic App

Does everything go by the book, also in the field? In order to oversee residual risks and become aware of the overall safety level, EHS and plant managers need to regularly conduct on-site inspections and audits. Whether making safety- and quality-related rounds or checking up on specific EHS indicators – structure your visits with the Quentic App! Depending on your goals, the findings can be documented in an ad-hoc manner or via a dedicated form.

With Quentic, conducting inspections and monitoring EHS indicators onsite have never been easier.

Document observations

  • Document missing data and leading indicators with ease
  • Jot down quick notes and add pictures
  • Location-based information will be added automatically
  • Update peers via the live SafetyFeed and photo stream
  • Use a dedicated app template to check for specific factors, e.g. fall protection or usage of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • For each occurrence, record your positive and negative observations
  • Add comments and photos
  • Get a quantifiable and comparable impression of your safety status

Assess specific EHS indicators

Keep track of observations

  • All photos and reports appear in the central app portal and are connected to a map of your sites
  • The app automatically updates counters for observations
  • The app lets you both filter and export the result
  • Safety violations and incidents can be further investigated and displayed on the Quentic Platform
  • Calculate an overall safety score, identify leading indicators, and display trends
  • If needed, initiate corrective and preventive actions

Conduct analyses and initiate actions

Record offline to upload later

Use the Quentic App’s reporting functions whenever and wherever you may be. Are you in the field and want to document an observation but don’t have an internet connection? Simply use the app form as usual; the data will be uploaded automatically as soon as you are back online–with no further action needed on your part.

Want to organize your upcoming audit inspections more intelligently?

Achieve synergy with the Quentic Risks & Audits software module.

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