The smarter way to organize your audits

With the Quentic Risks & Audits software module

Got an internal audit coming up? When's the next inspection of your premises? What about the next certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 or ISO 45001? With Quentic, you’ll always have the answers to these questions. Our software keeps your audit schedule up-to-date and thoroughly organized. All the relevant questions and information are available from a central interface, helping your team plan and prepare for every audit.

With Quentic, preparing for audits has never been easier.

Define your requirements

  • Automatically generate audit plans with all your appointments
  • Set customized reminders for different types of audits
  • Never lose track of your audits again
  • Set appointments at the click of a mouse
  • Save all the relevant information for each audit
  • Prepare for both internal and external audits
  • Works with many kinds of audits: energy, suppliers, processes, etc

Plan and prepare

Invite your team

  • Practical checklists help you nominate audit leaders, co-auditors, and other participants
  • Send email invitations to external auditors
  • Save audit dates in your own calendar
  • Choose your audit questions from a catalogue of predefined options
  • Edit questions based on your own requirements and reuse them in future audits
  • Attach additional documents to individual questions
  • Export your question lists at the click of a mouse, ready to be used during your next audit

Create questionnaires

Find the right auditor

Quentic not only supports your audit planning, but it also helps you find the right external auditors. Need a particular expert for your next energy audit? No problem. Simply filter the database to find the contact you need.

Evaluations and reports

Once you've completed an audit, Quentic helps you document the results.

“If you know one module, you know all of them. Quentic is intuitively designed and that makes it easy to use. Once you know the structure of one module, you can easily navigate all others.”

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