Custom use cases

With the Quentic App

Quentic offers a wide range of pre-defined and best practice forms around a variety of topics, from incident reports to risk assessments or audit results. However, should you need to create a form or checklist that falls outside of what is offered, the Quentic App still has you covered: Just create your own template and define your organizational processes in a way that works for you. Custom use cases also allow for collaboration with third parties and across systems.

With Quentic, reporting has never been more flexible.

Individual forms

Create a template that caters to your needs

  • Use the intuitive Quentic App form editor to create or customize templates that fit to your organizational requirements
  • Create short checklists or intuitively usable surveys
  • Define visibility, editing rights, and assignments to engage exactly the right people
  • Configure organizational processes with a structured tool

Easy to use interface

  • Intuitive drag & drop 
  • Choose from a wide range of elements, e.g. textboxes, checkboxes, calendars, GPS integration, or even electronic signatures 
  • Integrate company-specific information as presets 
  • Version control makes it easy to update your standards with a clear overview

Usage without login

Involve third parties via Public Reporting

  • Create reporting forms that can be accessed via link or QR code
  • Choose the location and define the template
  • Include any number of users in Public Reporting via a central license 
  • Advanced Public Reporting: Easily integrate other IT systems and transfer information

Across system boundaries

Transfer information with ease

  • Collaboration feature allows easy transfer of information between different systems
  • Strengthen exchange with service contractors and external companies
  • Meet the requirements by the ISO 45001 norm: Show how you involve workers, contractors, visitors, and other external stakeholders in your EHS processes!

Benefit from the Quentic services

Quentic not only offers bespoke software solutions, but a wide range of other services as well: Our specialists will be happy to help you create fully customized app forms that match your exact needs. Just get in touch with us!

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