Mobile incident management

With the Quentic App

When a near miss, property damage or personal injury occurs, a timely response is crucial to prevent future damages or injuries. Make reporting incidents easy and intuitive, complete with notes and photos with the incident management app. But more than that: The Quentic App helps you move beyond negative incidents to positive observations and EHS initiatives. Learn from positive findings and share the best practices!

With Quentic, on-site incident management has never been easier.

Start reporting

  • Use the Quentic template library or customize your own mobile incident reporting forms and processes
  • The Public Reporting feature enables everyone to contribute, even without login
  • Save time with pre-defined questions and by choosing from answer options
  • Recommend solutions
  • Notify and involve the people in charge immediately
  • Take a photo with your smartphone and attach it to the report
  • Automatically add a geolocation to indicate exactly where the incident occurred
  • Submit the report and continue about your business on site
  • App reporting features can also be used when offline

Benefit from mobile capabilities

Display and evaluate centrally

  • View data in real time on a central dashboard of the incident management app
  • Use the automatic location information to analyze and display your data on a map of your sites
  • The SafetyFeed feature in the Quentic App updates other team members and promotes safety-focused interaction
  • For a deeper level of data processing, switch to the Quentic Platform
  • Investigate the incident further and add more information
  • Corrective and preventive actions can be initiated, executed, and reported in detail

Process in depth with the Quentic Platform

Follow-up after the incident

  • Communicate progress and improvements back to the people involved
  • Also positive findings and best practices should be shared
  • Build a culture of safety that is characterized by easy, fast and mobile incident documentation!

Make use of the different forms

Quentic offers forms for most standard types of incidents, from near misses and unsafe situations to personal injuries, property and environmental damages. But customized cases can also be reported with ease! Build your own company-specific forms with the convenient drag & drop form editor and configure related processes.

Want to extend your incident managing capabilities?

Achieve synergy with the Quentic Incidents & Observations software module.

Video: Engaging people in safety

Learn why mobile is crucial for getting people involved in safety topics.

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