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Your introduction to the software module

The fastest on-the-go EHS channel

The Quentic App makes you nimble. The mobile-reporting channel for EHS is always ready when you need it—anytime, anywhere. Quickly and easily fill out forms and checklists, then dispatch them directly to the responsible authorities. Integrate your employees, third parties, and other stakeholders in the easiest possible way.

Topis include
  • Reporting on the go

  • Overview of possible usage scenarios

  • How to engage a diverse array of people

  • Central evaluations of reports

  • Use case: Unsafe situation/near miss

  • Use case: Property/environmental damage

  • Use case: Personal injury

“I would recommend the Quentic App because it is easy to adapt and use. The number one thing is its mobility, and the way in which people can use this, the simplicity. So I think it’s good value for money. And we are developing the system further.”

Lauri Multanen, Operations Director, Olvi Limited

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Occupational Safety, Compliance, Digitalization

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Quentic allows each of Mibas’s employees to contribute to reaching its key health and safety targets. Increasing incident reports, reducing the accident rate and standardized EHS processes. Read more!

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Digitalization, Occupational Safety

Quentic Online Instructions

Flexible, location-independent employee instruction! Discover how Quentic can help you provide instructional content and ensure that employees, visitors and contractors are effectively instructed online, with …

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