Management system audits

With the Quentic App

Certifying your management system according to ISO 14001, ISO 45001 or ISO 50001 requires exact documentation and a comprehensive report. But these audits can be more than just paperwork. Make sure your processes are implemented in the field – with the Quentic App! Fulfill and document standard requirements with ease and save time recording the results. Configurable email and push notifications allow you to notify the relevant people right away.

With Quentic, management system audits have never been easier.

Prepare the audit

  • Structure your audits in a convenient, direct manner
  • Choose the appropriate form template for your site, including questionnaire, audit type, and framework for assessment
  • For specific needs, create your custom use case with the intuitive drag & drop interface
  • Note observations and findings in the dedicated form
  • Check conformity to standards, indicating the status for each item in a simple, clear manner
  • Share the report with other stakeholders
  • Take pictures for further visualization

Document the results

Ensure continuous improvements

  • If necessary, derive immediate corrective actions
  • Select the responsible person and notify them
  • Use direct messages for quick communication
  • Choose a deadline for the implementation and monitor the progress
  • For even deeper data-processing, switch to the Quentic Platform
  • Your data is always up to date
  • Review and assess overall compliance in detail and derive further follow-up actions
  • Transform results into a well-arranged report
  • Benefit from widespread evaluations and business intelligence dashboards

Follow-up on observations

Access content by external providers via Quentic Connect

Add services by leading content providers: Quentic Connect enables seamless integration with various Quentic legal and audit content partners. That way, you can benefit from ready-made audit questionnaires that are always up to date!

Want to gain further control over your management programs?

Achieve synergy with the Quentic Risks & Audits software module.

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