Mobile corrective and preventive actions with Quentic 14.3

February 23, 2024

The latest version 14.3 of the Quentic software gives users even more flexibility in managing actions: Corrections and improvements can now be easily initiated and tracked on the go, such as during an inspection. The associated data is stored centrally, making it transparent to everyone involved. 

Plan and process actions on the go 

Actions are a valuable tool in the continuous improvement process (CIP). With Quentic, they are centrally managed and can also be efficiently linked to other areas of responsibility and EHSQ processes. This ensures the necessary transparency and timeliness for everyone – often several people are involved in the planning, implementation, and effectiveness check of an action. 

People in charge of actions can now use the Quentic App to monitor and edit all their actions on the go. This allows them to keep up to date on the status of corrections and improvements and to directly document progress. If an urgent need for action is identified on site, e.g., during an audit or inspection, a new action can be immediately created and handed off to another person. 

Up-to-date safety information on demand 

The latest software release of the Quentic Platform introduces the first elements of a new user experience for all users. The modern Quentic Experience is built on next-generation technology, including improved user guidance and responsive design. 

The modernized start page of the Quentic software is tailored to the needs of specific user groups. Production workers and EHSQ managers can see at a glance current tasks, upcoming trainings, and information about hazardous chemicals used at their site. Version 14.3 adds a convenient overview of all risk assessments and safety instructions related to a user’s own activities. This is the best way to comply with the duty to inform.