Occupational Safety

Webinar: Behavioural Based Safety: Integrating the Human Factor

Behaviour Based Safety, or BBS, is an occupational health and safety management tool to reduce and prevent accidents, generate behavioural changes, integrate workplace health and safety and create a preventive culture.  

How does BBS come into practice in your organisation? What are the principles behind it and how can you use it as a tool for improving safety culture?  Allow our experts to walk you through the current situation in labour safety, the human factor of BBS and how to design and implement a BBS program.

Our webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Actual situation and accidents at work

  • BBS: What it consists of and its principles 

  • Tri conditional Theory of Secure Behaviour 

  • BBS as a tool for improving the safety culture

  • Design and implementation of the BBS program  

  • Improving BBS with Quentic