Risk assessments

With the Quentic Health & Safety software module

Quentic makes risk analysis simple and intuitive. From a user-friendly interface, you can identify hazards, conduct risk assessments, and choose the best protective measures. Automated features simplify your workflow and help you deliver the finished document faster.

With Quentic, risk assessments have never been easier.

Understand your risks

  • Assess the dangers for specific activities, departments, and equipment
  • Speed up your workflow with reusable templates
  • Assign tasks, such as reviews, to the responsible person and notify them by email
  • Conduct threat assessments offline, even when you don't have access to Quentic
  • Access a predefined catalogue of hazards
  • Add your own hazards to the catalogue and share it with your colleagues
  • Assess risks using the three-factor method: impact, frequency, and probability
  • Save photos of potential hazards

Update your records

Implement protective measures

  • Identify the best course of action automatically
  • Customize your protective measures as needed
  • Promote transparency in your team with regular status updates
  • Re-evaluate hazards after protective measures have been implemented
  • With the click of a mouse, export your hazard assessment to a standardized format for printing
  • Your document is available to colleagues in their personal overview
  • Version control makes it easy to update your content without confusion

Publish the finished document

Stay up-to-date with reviews

To keep your risk assessments current, Quentic can send you automatic reminders when it's time for a review. Document the results of each review, and track how the analysis changes over time.

Need risk assessments for hazardous materials?

Check out the Quentic Hazardous Materials software module.

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“Quentic made it easy to directly involve external reviewers. After receiving access rights, they could immediately enter the risk assessments resulting from the on-site inspection, into our system. Everyone was working toward the same goal at the same time.”