Digitalization, Occupational Safety

Fresh perspectives on modern safety management

Expand your strategy and get inspired with new insights!

What is modern occupational safety all about?

What happens when the old, tried-and-true methods aren’t able to sink your accident rate any further? Is compliance the key to the future, or is it safety leadership? How can you prevent bureaucracy from getting out of control and safeguards from hindering productivity? To answer these questions in their entirety, we need new perspectives. More and more experts are concurring that traditional occupational safety concepts are too short-sighted and that conventional methods are not enough to ensure an environment that is safe for employees in the long term.

Learn more about the following ideas to perfect your occupational safety strategy:

  • Behavior-Based Safety (BBS):

    Behavior based safety guide. How teamwork, behavioral analysis and positive encouragement lead to safe behavior

  • Psychological Safety:

    A culture of failure is key to success. Find out how to motivate employees to report accidents and learn from mistakes together

  • Safety-II:

    For every accident, there are 9,999 safe events. Expand your horizons and maximize safety by understanding and encouraging things that are going well.

  • Safety Differently:

    Responsibility over bureaucracy. Discover the value of adaptive action and working outside of the “Work-as-assigned" concept for efficiency and more safety!

Have a look at our whitepaper:

Software as a driving force for modern safety

New ideas and perspectives represent an important aspect of modern occupational health and safety. However, there remains the questions of how exactly new approaches can be integrated into existing structures. This is where another aspect of modern occupational health and safety comes into play, namely EHS software. Can a software solution help to establish new methods? How can it support a safety culture within companies? And how can it reinforce a sense of Psychological Safety?

We answer these questions in our whitepaper and explain why—aside from their use in traditional safety management strategies—software solutions can also provide meaningful support in relation to Behavior-Based Safety, Psychological Safety, Safety-II and Safety Differently.

A new sense of safety: Harnassing human potential

The approaches to occupational health and safety presented in this whitepaper sometimes feature very different priorities and strategies. Despite this, all four perspectives agree on one thing, namely their perception of people as a driving force for better occupational health and safety. Modern  safety management is defined by a new perspective on people and their ability to take on responsibility and actively participate in occupational health and safety measures. This does not negate the fact that people make mistakes and can create safety hazards. However, modern approaches are based around the belief that rules and sanctions are the wrong approach. They regard employees, their behavior and their ideas as the starting point for new occupational health and safety strategies.