Safety instructions

With the Quentic Health & Safety software module

With Quentic, safety instructions have never been easier.

Define your scope

  • Create safety instructions for various activities, departments, and equipment
  • Classify different types of instructions
  • Save time with pre-populated templates
  • Identify risks to people and the environment
  • Explain protective measures in a clear and logical way
  • Include information on disturbances, maintenance, and first aid
  • Assemble all phrases and pictograms in accordance with the international ISO 7010:2019 standard easily with a few clicks 

Give your instructions

Publish and distribute

  • At the push of a button, your instructions are ready for the bulletin board (or distribution elsewhere)
  • Get the message across with standardized, clearly arranged layouts
  • Your employees can access the relevant instructions directly in their personal overview
  • Set automatic reminders to update your instructions at fixed intervals
  • Conduct open, transparent reviews of your instructions
  • Ensure that your instructions remain current
  • Keep track of your document history with version control

Update frequently

Save time with templates

There’s no need to repeat yourself. Templates let you create multiple versions of your safety instructions quickly and easily. You can customize your templates and share them with colleagues. As soon as you update something, Quentic can export your changes to everyone who's using the template.

Need safety instructions for hazardous chemicals?

Check out the Hazardous Chemicals software module.

An overview of the most important functions

Features of the Quentic Health & Safety module

Risk assessments

Quentic makes risk analysis simple and intuitive. From a user-friendly interface, you can identify hazards, conduct risk assessments, and choose the best protective measures. Automated features simplify your workflow and help you deliver the finished document faster.

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Manage your training programs

Quentic makes it easy to train large teams and keep their skills current. You’ve got all the important information at a glance: Who needs new qualifications? When do those qualifications expire? When is the next training program due? With these insights, you can easily and confidently plan your company's training schedule.

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