Manage your training programs

With the Quentic Health & Safety software module

With Quentic, training your team has never been easier.

Plan your schedule

  • Stay up-to-date with your core training obligations, such as occupational health and safety
  • Get notified of upcoming events and qualification expiry dates
  • Handle large volumes of data with intelligent list filtering
  • Set appointments for training sessions
  • Create training materials at the click of a mouse
  • Customize your training program to meet legal standards

Prepare your instructions

Invite your team

  • Choose participants from a predefined list
  • Save time by inviting whole groups at once
  • Automatic limits ensure that you never over-book a program
  • Invite participants by email at the click of a mouse
  • Keep track of who's completed your training program
  • Create personalized certificates for graduates
  • Update each employee’s qualification status automatically
  • Get comprehensive statistics and performance indicators from your training programs

Document your results

Keep your training on track

Quentic’s qualification plan shows you the status of your training programs. See which trainings have been completed, and which still need to be done. You can also check the status of individual employees, seeing who received a qualification and when.

Stay flexible with online training

Online delivery lets your team train when and where it suits them.

An overview of the most important functions

Features of the Quentic Health & Safety module

Risk assessments

Quentic makes risk analysis simple and intuitive. From a user-friendly interface, you can identify hazards, conduct risk assessments, and choose the best protective measures. Automated features simplify your workflow and help you deliver the finished document faster.

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Safety instructions

To educate your team about workplace hazards and safe behavior, clear safety instructions are vitally important. Quentic makes it fast and simple to produce these documents and keep them up-to-date. Just add your instructions and images, and our software automatically generates the final document in a standardized format.

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