Online training for colleagues

With the Quentic Online Instructions software module

With Quentic, online training has never been easier.

Choose subjects

  • Choose from a range of multimedia formats, such as images, video, or SCORM
  • Create training programs on themes such as fire protection, escape and rescue, desk posture, and first aid
  • Specify the qualifications participants will receive after completing training
  • Give your colleagues total flexibility and freedom with e-learning
  • Set fixed display times for each slide to prevent content being skipped
  • Set your own criteria for measuring the success of a program
  • Get feedback from participants at the end of a presentation
  • Determine the conditions for attendance, as well as for repeating a program

Choose a presentation mode

Test comprehension

  • Ask a range of multiple choice and free response questions
  • Generate a random and unique set of questions for each training program
  • Make online training available to all employees or only a selected group
  • Make training programs available automatically, as soon as the content has been approved
  • Every employee can access the training program through their own personal dashboard
  • Invite participants to training programs via email

Train teams online

Plan successful training programs

Quentic makes it easy to deliver training programs both online and offline. The Quentic Health & Safety software module helps you determine which training programs you need and to whom they should be delivered.

The right content for the right audience

With Quentic, you'll have many different ways to find suitable content for your next training program.

An overview of the most important functions

Features of the Quentic Online Instructions software module

Online training for visitors and external companies

When non-employees visit your business's premises, it is necessary that they behave in a safe and appropriate manner. For this, instructions may be required. Quentic makes it easy to deliver flexible training programs for visitors and external companies—in multiple languages, onsite or online.

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Customized training content

Online training is one of the most flexible forms of e-learning and, while nothing is more important than the quality of your content, presentation and delivery matter too. Quentic lets you design attractive training programs in popular data formats.

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Training qualifications

Quentic keeps your online training programs running smoothly. At a glance, you can see who's participated and what results they have achieved. Powerful search features let you quickly and easily find a specific person's qualifications. And when you need to provide proof of completion, creating certificates with Quentic is a breeze.

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