Training qualifications

With the Quentic Environmental Management software module

Quentic keeps your online training programs running smoothly. At a glance, you can see who's participated and what results they have achieved. Powerful search features let you quickly and easily find a specific person's qualifications. And when you need to provide proof of completion, creating certificates with Quentic is a breeze.

With Quentic, training qualifications have never been easier.

Measure success

  • Test your participants' knowledge with optional questions
  • Provide immediate results when the training is completed
  • Give failed participants a second chance to review the content and answer new questions
  • Save qualifications and their expiry dates automatically in the system
  • Manage qualifications for colleagues and visitors separately
  • Plan future training programs based on the qualifications that have already been achieved.

Keep track of qualifications

Produce certificates

  • Publish a personalized digital certificate for every participant, including the details and expiry date of their qualification
  • Print certificates at the front desk when visitors complete training programs
  • Access a permanent record of certificates issued
  • Get statistics on how many people have completed your training programs
  • Break the statistics down by department and company
  • Make smarter decisions about training programs based on detailed analysis

Track progress

Training—Onsite or online

When online training isn't appropriate, Quentic lets you plan and deliver conventional onsite programs. You can manage your training programs and qualifications in the Work Safety module.

All training under one roof

Everything you need to know about online and onsite training can be found in the Quentic Health & Safety software module.

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Whitepaper Contractor Safety Management

When companies choose to outsource work, they are still liable for health and safety. A safety management system supported by EHS software is an essential best practice for handling the safety risks associated with having contractors on a work site. 

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