Online training for visitors and external companies

With the Quentic Online Instructions software module

When non-employees visit your business's premises, it is necessary that they behave in a safe and appropriate manner. For this, instructions may be required. Quentic makes it easy to deliver flexible training programs for visitors and external companies—in multiple languages, onsite or online.

With Quentic, training your visitors has never been easier.

Prepare training materials

  • Create multimedia training programs in several languages
  • Deliver training in a variety of presentation styles with optional assessments
  • Give visitors access to Quentic, where they can complete training programs without accessing your own internal system
  • Ensure barrier-free access with a user-friendly interface available in 15 languages
  • Keep colleagues well prepared by notifying them in advance of upcoming visits
  • Send invitations by email automatically, including login details for training programs

Invite visitors

Deliver training programs

  • Invite visitors to access training programs via visitor terminals
  • Alternatively, let visitors complete the program online prior to their visit
  • Register training qualifications automatically in Quentic
  • Provide visitors with printable certificates if necessary
  • Keep track of visitors, their appointments, and their qualifications directly from Quentic
  • Create visitor passes at the click of a mouse
  • Keep records of each visit quickly and easily
  • Generate an emergency list quickly to see which external visitors are on the premises

Organize your next visit

Support your receptionist

Your colleagues at the front desk can benefit from Quentic's visitor management system. A quick glance at the central database reveals who's expecting visitors, when they're coming, and whether they've been trained. With a few clicks, Quentic can provide visitor IDs, create logins for visitor terminals, print visitor passes, and register arrivals and departure.

Choose your own content

Quentic lets you customize your visitor training programs to fit your own requirements.

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