Customized training content

With the Quentic Online Instructions software module

Online training is one of the most flexible forms of e-learning and, while nothing is more important than the quality of your content, presentation and delivery matter too. Quentic lets you design attractive training programs in popular data formats.

With Quentic, designing attractive training programs has never been easier.

Use existing content

  • Create training programs from documents you already have
  • Import slides from programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint in zipped archives
  • Integrate SCORM content into your training, including all interactive elements from popular e-learning standards
  • Design new training units with Quentic
  • Create multimedia content with embedded images in all popular formats, as well as MP4 videos
  • Add extra text where needed

Create new content

Create test questions

  • Measure the success of training programs by testing participants
  • Import existing questions and answers from a CSV or Excel file
  • Add SCORM test questions to your training automatically
  • Assign clear responsibilities for maintaining online training programs
  • Get reminders when it's time to review content
  • Document the results of each review and easily make improvements to your content

Review your content

Authoritative and up-to-date: Explore our training content

Do you need new content for your health and safety training programs? Choose from our selection of readymade online instructions that cover everything from fire safety to hazardous chemicals and correct workstation posture. If you can't find the training content you need, we will gladly collaborate with our expert partners to create it for you.

Readymade training content with Quentic

We're delighted to offer a complete selection of training materials on a wide variety of topics.

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Whitepaper Contractor Safety Management

Use of contractors poses an increased safety risk. Discover how to lower risk potential when working with contractors and also gain a higher level of safety for your own team.

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Quentic Online Instructions

Flexible, location-independent employee instruction! Discover how Quentic can help you provide instructional content and ensure that employees, visitors and contractors are effectively instructed online, with …

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Miba AG

Quentic allows each of Mibas’s employees to contribute to reaching its key health and safety targets. Increasing incident reports, reducing the accident rate and standardized EHS processes. Read more!

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